Marissa and Dan

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They met three years before their first date in 2013, and in 2017 Dan asked Marissa to marry him surrounded by family. On October 26, 2018 they married at the very church that Marissa’s parents began to attend after their marriage and the church where she was baptized. The family sentiment didn’t end there, as Marissa’s parents also hosted the couples’ reception in their backyard, fulfilling her childhood dream.

A fall inspired event filled with romance, adorned in candlelight and dramatic flower arrangements, while remaining intimate with no shortage of family traditions and anecdotes.

A true fairytale, Marissa found her dress at a Liz Martinez Trunk Show in Paris, surrounded by her mother and four sisters. She chose the Kim gown, a long sleeve flowered lace bodice flowing into a tulle skirt. This dress is part of the Lisbon 2018 collection, and Marissa looked absolutely stunning.

Like every event in their love story, the couple were surrounded by family and special traditions throughout their day. Each moment carefully thought out reflecting a sentimental moment in their journey, and even just from the photos, their love is clear and unique, protruding from each and every detail and image.

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Photographer: Jonnie and Garrett

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