May and Shahar

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Photo Oct 07, 15 04 00

Shahar had been living in New York for a while, and May reached out on Facebook groups of Israeli’s living in New York asking for advice before her big move. Shahar offered to help, and just so happened to be living right next to May’s hotel. The meant to be couple met when she arrived, and have been together ever since.

What couldn’t have been expected was what weddings would look like in 2020, and May and Shahar’s special day was no exception, after cancelling their plans and locations twice, and then deciding to plan again within two days just before a second lockdown in Israel.

They did it, and it was perfect. The boho chic theme was felt from May’s bouquet, to the ceremony and into the reception. Their unique style could be felt in every detail, and May knew that to top it all off, she wanted to wear the Alina gown, part of our Amour 2020 collection. May looked comfortable and beautiful in her one sleeve satin dress, flowing down and a high slit in the skirt. She paired the gown with blue stilettos reminiscent of those Carrie Bradshaw wore to her Sex and the City wedding, fitting for a couple that met and live in NYC.

Love can be felt through the photos, and despite the difficulties in place with Covid-19, the beautiful LM couple had the most beautiful day and night, one to remember, and planned a dream in only a few hours.

May’s advice to any bride and groom planning their special day is to surround yourself with love, with people that are always there to help and support you, and to dream what you want and make it happen. All in good energy and driven by love, which is exactly how their day looked.

Photographer: Shay Ashkenazi

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