If you drive about an hour south of Belfast, along the Newry river, off and up a winding road surrounded by beautiful woods and farm houses, you will eventually get to The White Gallery Boutique, or what we at Liz Martinez refer to as: ‘the house wedding gowns call home’.

A few years ago, Rachel Morgan and her husband Stephen, built a magnificent boutique designed to make gowns and brides look and feel different. Special. Unique. This is why it was the perfect setting for the official launch of the Liz Martinez 2016 collection that took place February 19-21st 2016.

We spent our weekend out in the country side meeting, greeting, dressing, measuring and chatting with stunning brides-to-be from all over the Republic of Ireland and “The North”. The overwhelming response left no doubt in our hearts that we had found the perfect place for Liz Martinez in Ireland.

We are proud to say that The White Gallery Boutique now carries the Liz Martinez line exclusively in Ireland. So if you are seeking to wear a dreamy Liz Martinez gown on your special day, book your appointment now in the only place in Ireland you’ll find Liz Martinez:

The White Gallery Boutique: appointment@thewhitegalleryboutique.co.uk

Sending a big thank you to The White Gallery Boutique, the Sunday Business Post and all the lovely brides-to-be who came to try on a Liz Martinez dress for the warm welcome and amazing Irish hospitality!