Fall Winter 2019

Liz Martinez launches her new 2019 Fall-winter collection revealing endless shades of white.
This season, the collection celebrates different materials in numerous variations of the classic ‘bridal white’, such as nude, cream, egg-shell, soft pink and powder.
Martinez uses different kinds of lace, silk and tulle, to create flawless and elegant fabric movement, as if the dresses are dancing.
The fabrics are flirting with the body, in a game of hide and seek with long slits, multi layers of different transparent fabrics, and handmade beads. It is a celebration of romance, and a new love story in every dress. The total look is therefore rich, yet elegant, and timeless.

The beautiful photos were taken by the talented fashion photographer Dudi Hasson, in the exotic carpet shop ‘Galerie Ikman’ in Cappadocia,Turkey. The set was picked especially to emphasize the contradiction between the colorful ethnic carpets and the soft romantic bridal dresses.
The pictures stand for Martinez’s vision – cosmopolitan dresses that can fit any wedding around the world. And yet, different from all other dresses, as they celebrate life: unexpected and beautiful.

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