Have you ever looked up the definition of the word STUDIO? Well, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, it is ‘the building or room where an artist works’. Be that as it may, if you ask anyone at Liz Martinez Bridal where they work, we would all proudly answer: ‘I work from home’.

When Liz Martinez and her brother realized their small bridal gown business was rapidly evolving into a reputable fashion brand, they knew that they would need to move into a larger space to accommodate miles of fabric, tons of machinery, countless beads and a team of hard working seamstresses, stylists, bridal consultants, and of course, the coffee machine none of us can live without.

While searching for the perfect location, they knew one thing: they didn’t want to leave their hometown Ramla.

Located 12 miles south of Tel Aviv, Ramla was founded in the 8th century and its old city remains standing ‘til this day. The market (“SHUK”) happens to be right behind the Liz Martinez studio. We believe that the scents, colors and sounds that are essence of the multicultural city Ramla is, make their way right through the window and onto the mannequins as the sketched designs come to life.

Measuring, cutting, stitching, weaving hundreds of wedding gowns by hand is seriously hard work but we love it! After all, how many people can actually say that they spend their entire day making dreams come true?